About Us

With our acumulated knowledge from years of experience in the many aspects of the licensing trade, the directors of Northern Pub Consultancy Services saw a need in the market for a product that would help all publicans, from large chains to free houses, more effectively know the current financial status of their business.

Based upon this need, a software system was developed that relieves the working publican of all the tedious paperwork involved in running a premises, allowing more time to be spent in other equally as important areas of pub management. For a small weekly fee all of your paperwork will be taken care of, including your V.A.T., P.A.Y.E., N.I. and more.

Northern Pub Consultancy Service does not just offer an accounts system. It also consists of a Stock System, Human Resources System, A Staff Rota System and an optional Training Package which includes Customer Service, The Perfect Pour, Marketing & How to get the best reults from it, Health and Safety, Licensing Law and many more.

If you need more information, please Contact Us and we will be please to help you.

What have you got to lose?